New Car Supply Issues


New Car Supply Issues

Like many other car manufacturers and other sectors of industry, Skoda are experiencing supply chain issues, in particular those relating to semiconductors, which have reduced new car production capacity. This means delivery times for some model lines are longer than normally expected.

Semiconductor shortage

Every electronic device - including mobile phones, computers, games consoles and your car - use semiconductors (microchips) in the circuitry. There are a number of factors behind the current shortage of microchips. Firstly, the global pandemic and accompanying lockdown meant chipmakers had to slow down production massively and as everyone has had to stay inside, sales of electric gizmos like tablets and phones have gone through the roof. As we’ve been using our cars less over the pandemic, chip makers have naturally given priority to other products.

Add to this a massive winter storm in Texas which affected electronics facilities like Samsung, NXP and Infineon - curtailing their ability to produce microchips. Then in Taiwan, a severe drought knocked their ability to produce microchips, and in addition to all of this, Tokyo’s Renesas factory - which produces one third of microcontroller chips used in cars - had a massive fire that contributed to the shortage we’re now facing.

New Car for 2022

We have managed to secure some additional new car stock and have limited stock on order. Additionally we have a quantity of demonstrator vehicles but factory ordered vehicles are taking longer than is usual therefore if a new car is on your agenda for 2022 please talk to us today about lead times & placing an order.


Post-Lockdown Demand

Demand for cars due to people not wanting to use public transport, plus demand for vehicles more suited to ‘staycations’ - driving holidays, towing, leisure pursuits etc has created unprecedented demand for cars resulting in used car prices rising.


The increase in used car values means that you may be able to renew your car earlier than usual. Please give us a call, make an appointment & see what we can do with your monthly payments.

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